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You Make Me Strong: Bible Studies and Spiritual Encouragement with Travis Reinold

Feb 13, 2019

In this podcast, we’re going to begin talking about marriage.  The topic of marriage may take us a couple of lessons.  Like all of my podcasts, I provide a broad overview of what the Bible says regarding a topic found in Scripture. 

For a deeper understanding, you’ll need to find a well-qualified pastor-teacher.  And, like all of the You Make Me Strong podcasts, the Word of God is the primary and ultimate source for all information.  

As I go through what the Bible says about marriage, I’ll probably be tougher on men than women.  God designed men to be the leaders in marriage.  As the leader, the man takes responsibility for the success or failure of his marriage, before God. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the woman is exempt from responsibility.  But God designed the man to be the leader and the woman to be the responder.